N10Z - Dynamic Valve OC Fork Kit Pro

Xplor och ZF gaffel

  • Artnr: NF-02-01
  • I lager:4 st

Beskrivning av artikel

The Converter Kit for Xplor converts Fork to a full Open Cartridge System.
It‘s the perfect adjustment option for compressing and rebounding
on both sides.

The patented N10Z technology is also involved in this fork kit,
dynamically/automatically adapts to the driving conditions.

The N10Z- Dynamic Valve is controlled by the
oil flow/pressure automatically controlled in the damper.

You get
- more traction and smoothness
- better bottom out resistance
- and riding safety

Kittet innehåller:
2x N10Z - Dynamic Valves
1x N10Z - Hydro Stop
1x Mid-Valve for Compression Side
1x Adjuster Needle

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