N10Z - Fork Dynamic Valve l.s.o

Xplor och ZF gaffel

  • Artnr: NF-01-01
  • I lager:5 st

Beskrivning av artikel

N10Z - Dynamic Valve L.S.O. (Left Side Only)

The N10Z – Dynamic Valve (L.S.O.) is installed on the compression side.
The N10Z compression adjuster is used on the rebound side
for an even more precise setting of the low-speed compression.

The economical version of the WP Xplor and Sachs ZF (BETA) fork
provides more stability and bottom out resistance.

- easy to install
- very efficient
- very good price gain ratio
- perfect option to adjust Compression

The patent pending N10Z technology dynamically/automatically adapts to the driving conditions.

Kittet inehåller:
1x Dynamic Valve L.S.O.
1x Klickerneadle and spring
1x Low Speed Compression Adjuster (Rebound Seite)

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